Thursday, April 30, 2009

Curly Straws

A quick, simple piece for W27.
Clean lines, happy colors. Makes me happy.

I like curly straws...and I actually like the concept of beer-hats as long as its not beer attached. Orange soda-hats, perhaps? Or BUBBLE TEA HATS?

I've been busy with final projects, so its nice to distract myself from work that HAS to be done. And English papers? So over it. Write it, get it done, pass it in, sleep some more, watch a lot of hockey and soccer. I'm writing a psychological literary critique on a Murakami short story, so it won't be completely miserable. Five pages, what?

I don't exactly make sense at the moment. Forgive me. I might blame it on the slow internet.


  1. Deff a cute graphic piece, this would make an awesome logo. thanks alot for doing it for the magazine! I didnt get to thank you yet cuz things have been so crazy.

  2. submit it to! id buy it

  3. Thanks Charles! Yeah, end of the semester always gets hectic. Good luck with all of that!

    Angela, maybe after I tweak it a bit...something about her face is bugging me.