Monday, November 29, 2010

Time Time Time

It seems that lately I haven;t had enough time to draw ANYTHING!  If its not work, its the computer, and if its not the computer, its sketching something for the computer, and if its not for the computer at all, its me sitting around wondering whether this was a good idea at all.

I'm taking time now in class to simply take a good, deep breath, and take a little time for myself.  I've revamped the look...POPPIES!  I was watching The Wizard of Oz last night, and I always find myself fascinated by the scene with the field of sleep-inducing poppies.  Substance abuse in a classic movie?  No waaaayyy.  Despite that, I've always loved the idea of a big MOFO'ing field of amazing red poppies!  If I ever get that dream mansion with the dual marble lion statues, I will have an immense poppy garden populated by midget giraffes, garden gnomes, and white rabbits.  

This has nothing to do with my art.  But I'll try to post more of that soon as well.