Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fresh Start

-18"x24" oil on canvas-

Portrait paintings intimidate me, I admit wholeheartedly. So, I figured that as an inaugural post, I'd give you all...a portrait painting.

Before college, I wasn't very skilled at painting at all. Its taken a lot of practice to improve, so looking at what I can do now has been a great confidence boost. (Though, as I'm looking at the uploaded pictures right now, my nitpicking is really making my brain tick with how I can make this better!)

As it stands now, the portrait is not finished...might work on it more after I keep it away from my sights for a few days.

Thanks to anyone who took a few minutes to visit the blog via my Facebook notice.
I'm not sure who has a blogspot, so just drop a message so I can look at your stuff too. :D

- Larissa