Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copley Square + Boston Public Library

Copley Square is one of my favorite areas in Boston. Its flanked by the glass behemoth, the John Hancock building, on one side...and the fab shopping trap of Newbury Street on the other side. Walking down Boylston Street, the sight of Trinity Church against the JH Tower is really something else. Modern skyscraper meets Gothic Revival, its a pretty cool contrast.

Right across the street is the Boston Public Library. If I had a really pimping mansion, it might look like the BPL...its just that sweet and one of the real crown jewels of Boston history and prominence. And who wouldn't want a pair of giant lions adorning your stairwell?

Bates Hall is a beautiful, high vaulted ceiling room, and very conducive to intensive studying. But my favorite part might be the Abbey Room. Dark, molded wood, wide benches, with enormous paintings adorning the walls. The lighting is dim, and with the sunlight streaming through the windows, its almost unreal...serene. I can sit in the Abbey Room reading for hours, but it'd probably kill my eyes. :P

And here are a few sketches from this week :)