Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dump It (the end-of-semester-smorgasborg)

"Why not just post more regularly?"
A VERY good question!

Unfortunately, I have no answer for that.

Here is a 2-part project from my Typography I class, a lesson on hierarchy.

The first is completely type and consists of 6 parts with specific limitations on how the type can be altered (line spacing, letter spacing, line weight, etc).



The next assignment used the same copy applied to a poster for the event.  This one went through several incarnations.  It progressed from dreadlocks to pure type to woven hemp to canvas to canvas patterns and finally paint splatter?  The final product is much simpler than what I originally pictured but I find that that way, every component got a chance to hold together as a complete piece.  Hurray, revelations!!

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