Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bonjour mon lapin mignon!

So, after getting my image red carded by Photobucket as well as Blogspot, I can finally provide a (rather small and insignificant) update! I usually refer to my rabbits as conejos and conejitos...but he (yes, a he) seems much more suited to the French style. So lapin it shall be. If you'd like to see Blogspot's demon spawn upload of the image, direct your eyes below:
I'd say evil lapin has his own charm as well as I keep looking at him. Maybe he'll make his own entrance someday.

Lapin came as a result of me realizing I haven't really touched Illustrator much this whole summer. I'll post some more paintings soon, but for the moment I've been sidelined by the digital programs. I'll be starting the fall semester at Bunker Hill Community College as a Graphic Design major (shh...this isn't betrayal, I swear!!) and I figured it would be poor showing on my part to pop into class as a transfer who sucks at digital art. Fail fail fail.

And for something to get giddy over, Brom is set to release his next illustrated novel, The Child Thief, inspired by the tales of none other than the puberty-stunted wonderboy Peter Pan.

I first picked up Brom's book The Plucker sometime last Spring, and I got hooked pretty fast. Brom's writing style is simple and the book is a pretty easy read if it weren't for the disturbingly perverse undertones. And his artwork...yeah, I'm not really verbally skilled enough to describe how much I love it. Its beautiful, its frightening, its freakin' amazing. Wicked pissah? Would that work?

Its set to release August 25...but of course there are lucky people in the loop who have already gotten their hands on it. *fans the flames of envy*

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  1. Aw, bun bun. You should make him out of sculpey!